A father and his child

A father and his child are walking in a garden one day, a long time ago. The child wants to go outside the garden into the wilderness but the father says it isn’t safe. The child wanted to do his own thing, so when the father wasn’t looking, the child went anyway. The father let the child go because he wanted to allow him his freedom. He knew he would come back in time. However, the father wanted to protect his child, so he followed him and kept a very close eye on what he did.

As time went on, the father grew saddened, for he saw the harm the child was causing himself out in the wilderness. He had taught him everything he needed to know about living life, but the child seemingly ignored all of it. The father kept sending help to the child, but the child just walked right past it nine times out of ten. There was great sadness when the father saw the child walking too close to a cliff. There was nothing for it, the child needed saving. He ran out of the bushes when he saw his child slip and start to fall. He dove after his son, quickly catching him midair. He twisted so that he would hit the ground first. With the father holding his son close, they hit the ground hard. So hard in fact, that the father died on impact. When the son came to, he realized that his father was dead and that he died saving his life. He stayed there for days, crying out his father’s name.

One day, the father opened his eyes. His son didn’t believe it at first. It took the father explaining in great detail how he had been watching him and how he saw that he needed to be saved and the father was the only one that could do the saving. The father and son rejoiced together as they walked back to their home. Eventually though, the son wandered off and came to another cliff. The father sent warnings to his son, but they went unheard. The son fell again, and the father jumped after him. The son was saved again, and the father died again. The son knew his father would come back to life, so he was less saddened this time. He still cried but that was all.

The father woke, and the son said that it was nice to see him again. This story goes on and the son always falls and the father saves him. Eventually though, the son will stop paying any attention to the father and will get up from the fall and walk away from his father before he wakes. The son stops worrying about it because he thinks he will always be saved by his father.

This story is much like how some people view Jesus’ crucifixion. I have to say though, we can only hang Him on that cross once. It means our sin is forgiven, but does it mean we can continually crucify Him?

We all fall short of the glory of God and we will never live up to His expectations, but we do need to continually grow closer to Him and continually better our relationship with Him. We will sin. We will fall. We are fallen. But we are not saved without God in our lives. We must die to ourselves everyday and live for the glory of Him who gave each and every one of us life.

My point here is that we can’t sin whenever we want. We can’t lose sight of God. Who is to say that when we stand before God, He doesn’t say He never knew us and then we lose our chance at living with Him forever? The only solution to this is to continually seek His will in our lives.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33 NIV)