The Human Christian

Am I a human Christian, are you? What kind of question is this? Of course we are human. Yes, I am a Christian. But am I a human Christian? I think so, and here’s why.

Being a Christian does not mean we cannot make mistakes. It means that we seek after God with our whole heart, mind, and soul. When we do that, we gradually are made new in His image. Our old self dies daily, and the new self grows in its place.

Mistakes happen. They are going to happen. None are perfect, and if you think otherwise, I pray that God shows you the way of a humble servant. We will all sin, in whatever fashion it manifests itself.

There’s a problem that arises in a Christian’s walk – the idea that we are now perfect when we begin to follow Jesus. But this isn’t the case. We are called to perfection in Christ Jesus, but we are still human and we still have our desires to battle, along with the adversary. In fact, I would argue that this battle heats up the instant we begin walking with Jesus, and anytime that we die to ourselves. Let us not forget this battle.

What happens when we begin to think we are perfect, and can do no wrong, is that the ’I am holier than thou’ mentality sets in. We look at a Christian who stumbles, and instead of picking them up and dusting them off, we kick them while they are down. We even do this to unbelievers. They, in turn, resent the Christian. We judge others based on a false sense of perfection. An arrogance that has no place in our hearts.

Humble yourself, before God does it for you. You are Christian, but you are human too. Be a human Christian. Embrace our weakness as a human and lean on God for strength. When we do this…this relying on God…we begin to look at others as God does. Lost, losing, humans, that need God’s help. Extend that helping hand as one who is part of God’s body. Lest we forget we are human too.


4 comments on “The Human Christian

  1. “We even do this to unbelievers. They, in turn, resent the Christian.”

    Just as a personal thing: I don’t resent most Christians. Most of them are absolutely lovely people whom I gladly spend my time with. It’s the really arrogant ones which I don’t like, and by the same token I don’t like the really arrogant atheists either.

    Interesting post.

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