About this blog

I am doing my best to follow Jesus and His will for my life. If you care to read “My Name is Jonah”, it may give more information on the purpose of this blog. I am writing about various biblical topics that come to me, and what the Bible says about those topics. I Welcome comments, and will do my best to respond quickly to them. I do not claim to know everything about the Bible, or even Christianity, so please feel free to correct me on anything on this blog. This really is more about personal growth to me.


One comment on “About this blog

  1. You can delete this comment after you read it, but I just wanted to recommend a book to you, since you were interested in the one from my post. A better book by that author for you to read would be Always Ready. Here’s the link to Dr. Bahnsen’s book if you’re interested:


    I’m writing this here because I don’t give out my email address, but you can link to my YouTube or goodreads from my blog under the contact me section, and message me there.

    God bless!

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