My call

So. I’ve been thinking and praying recently. When I was in Master’s Commission, I felt led to go out into the wilderness, camp, and fast until God told me He was done. I would have done that to seek His face, His love, His will. Guess what I didn’t do in Master’s Commission?

This call keeps coming back to me. I feel led to go do this. Life keeps preventing me. This year, after my honeymoon and vacation for another’s wedding, I won’t have anymore vacation time left. So, I can’t do this this year.

Here’s what comes to me with this call. I was prophesied over that I would go all over the world, spreading the gospel. This is something I’ve always felt called to as well. So, that struck home with me. That confirmed that call. So why the trip to the wilderness?

Jesus went to the wilderness before starting His ministry. Now, I’ve got this revelation of what Paul did when he started his ministry. He went, immediately after Jesus revealed Himself to Saul (Paul), into Arabia. But! Not to seek the counsel of men… This leads me to believe he went into the wilderness too.

After the wilderness, I think I’m going to be trained (through school and seminary). But I can’t be sure if that either! For, God hasn’t told me yet. I don’t know for sure what my call is, but I know following this call will be the beginning of my life lived for Jesus.

I do not know what will happen when I go to the wilderness, but I know that I am called to go to it. I know I can’t ignore that call. I’m seeking the counsel of other Christians here. How do I follow this leading without losing my job? Unpaid leave, maybe? Should I even be afraid of such a thing? I’m stuck on the “how” instead of just moving.

“Seek first His righteousness and His kingdom, and all this will be given to you as well.” (paraphrase from a verse in Matthew…)


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  1. So let’s have an update :) How are you doing? Killed many wild animals yet? How’s the water supply? Where have you been camping out? (Dead yet?)

    As a sidenote, did you know that some people are doing the exact same thing as you because they think the world is ending, and some think they will be saved by UFOs? Just an interesting point really, don’t you think? :p

    • Larry…you completely missed what I was saying. I would fast for a certain number of days. Fasting means no eating…not killing wild animals. Only have water with me. I wouldn’t bring electronics. The purpose of it isn’t because the world is ending, but so I can focus solely on God and His will for my life. I haven’t done this yet. I will at some point soon though.

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